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Take your mind off your cravings...


Don't keep beating yourself up, let our Cursebot do it for you!  Visitors may collect as many curses as they want or can endure.  The Cursebot keeps 'em coming.


This game will keep you occupied for hours!  Use your mouse to smash the green bug enemy one by one but try not to get caught by the evil redbug minions - they'll eat up your lifeforce!

Mad cows

Gertrude, Henrietta and Daisy are three nutty cows who seem to make a lot of sense.  It's another world so try it.  They'll want to keep you there so when you want to return to this page just press the "back" button on your browser toolbar (it should be the leftmost button).

Not Space Invaders!

This game is a lot like Space Invaders but someone is wearing a bikini!  

Please note that this game has been included only as a desperate measure to distract those of you who are just about to light up and who need something drastic to prevent a lapse.  

You have been warned.

A Lottery Number Generator

What would you do if you won £22.1 million?  Well, you might just find out.  (That kind of money would definitely make quitting easier, hell, with that kind of money, anything would be easy!).


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