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Links        has hand-picked links to some of the best quit smoking (and general health) sites on the net. Do explore these links, if you can, because the more support, advice and encouragement you get the more likely you are to quit smoking forever.

  1. Links to great quit smoking (and health) websites

  2. Links to cancer, lung and heart organisations


Links to great quit smoking (and health) websites: Smoking Cessation (US)

This is without a doubt one of the best smoking cessation sites on the net, providing support, internet community help using forums, chat, articles and libraries full (and we really do mean FULL) of links. Quit Smoking (US)

They've got a good section on quitting which includes tips, different methods, newsgroups, support groups, tobacco and health news, inspirational letters and you name it.

ASH England (UK)

This site is at the frontline of the anti-tobacco lobby and, if you're interested, you'll find the latest news and views on what's going on in the world of tobacco control and smoking cessation.

Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking (US)

This is a newsgroup for quitting smokers and ex-smokers. It's been going for years and is widely acknowledged to be one of the most valuable interactive resources online for people trying to stop smoking. (US)

Superb site by the former US Surgeon General (Dr C Everett Koop).  Lots of tobacco news but also general health materials as well.

For Smokers Only (US)

A university based (Cancer Centre, University of Alabama at Birmingham, US) smoking cessation strategy involving substitution of a smokeless tobacco product.  Seems pretty practical and it's been well reviewed in various medical journals so check it out.

Giving Up Smoking (UK)

This is the NHS's stop smoking site (based largely on material from the Lifesaver website!) - check it out, it's colourful, darned informative and it could help.

Great American Smokeout (US)

This is a fun interactive site from the America Cancer Society (the people who brought the Great American Smokeout to America which was also the inspiration for the UK's No Smoking Day).

BBC Kick the Habit (UK)

Kick the habit explores various addictions and choices people can make with their health and their lives. There are also specific Filtered Tips and cool tools to help visitors stop smoking for good. PLUS the added bonus that there's a chance (don't quote me) of seeing Dale Winton in his black leather jacket... (UK)

This is an a - z guide to a healthier lifestyle and to my knowledge the only one of its kind in the UK. There are lots of goodies here including sympathetic, easy to follow advice on diet, fitness and exercise. Created by the same guy who brought us Good Health magazine.

Lifesaver (UK)

This is an interactive Health Education Authority website which goes right to the heart of why you should quit, what smoking does to you and offers tips on how to quit successfully. (UK)

If you live in London, this is a great one stop website for all the fitness and health (physical, emotional and spiritual) information you'll need. They really haven't missed anything out. So if you want your ingrown toenail dealt with or you'd like to find out where to find a good personal trainer they'll be able to put you on the right track. (US)

Intriguing site - it's got lots of freebies, an online superstore, fitness, how-to articles, recipies and more... Their tag line is "Knowledge is power. Plug yourself in and find out why people visit mindconnection for over 3 hours at a time"...

The Roy Castle Foundation (UK)

This is one of those smoking cessation sites that just makes you feel warm inside.  It's English, it's cosy and it's trying to help people stop smoking.  

No Smoke Cafe (US)

A comfortable laid-back place for ex-smokers and those who want to quit to meet and talk about quitting smoking.


This is the website of QUIT, the government's main smoking cessation support agency for England and Wales. Lots of good stuff here especially for pregnant smokers.

The QuitNet (US)

This site is huge and extremely helpful. It's got truckloads of superb quitting tips and smoking cessation information. It was created as part of the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Programme.

QuitNow (Australia)

This is the official site for the Australian National Tobacco Campaign: learn the facts about smoking, see their award winning TV commercials and tell them your quitting story. It's a great site but be warned... there are some fleshy smoker's bits on the homepage of the site (I think it might be a clogged aorta but don't quote me)! (US)

This is one of the most popular quitting smoking sites on the net. When you visit it you see why, it's thorough, well thought out and full of useful tips. This site offers free advice, support and encouragement for people who are trying to quit smoking. Check it out.

Smoke-Away (US)

This is a commercial site but I'm recommending it because it's got a great links page. Go there and check out links to all sorts of interesting American smoking cessation sites.

Smoking From All Sides (US)

This is a must-see site with links to websites that cover all sides of the tobacco lobby.

Survivors of Smoking (US)

This site is intended to support ex-smokers and help to keep them ex-smokers. Contributions are welcomed in the form of personal stories, links and published articles. It's run by a nice dude called Prentiss. (US)

This is an online resource centre for everything to do with tobacco and smoking. Become a no smoking guru...


This is a clearinghouse of health and medical information from a variety of sources with major sections on conventional medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition & fitness.  It's a comprehensive guide that includes topics such as women's health, pain management, heart, cancer and impotence.

Links to Cancer, Lung and Heart organisations:

British Heart Foundation (UK)
British Lung Foundation (UK)
British Medical Association (UK)
The Cancer Research Campaign (UK)
Coronary Prevention Group (UK)
Health Education Authority (UK)
Health Education Board for Scotland (UK)
Health Promotion Wales (UK)
Imperial Cancer Research Fund (UK)
Marie Curie Cancer Care (UK)
Ulster Cancer Foundation (UK)

If there are any sites that you do not see here but you feel should be included please e-mail us at .


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