Quitting Therapies

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Quitting Therapies
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Quitting therapies

Always consult your doctor or a qualified practitioner before embarking upon a quitting therapy.


Nicotine Inhalator

This is the first NRT product to deal with both elements of the smoking addiction ? physical (nicotine dependency) and psychological (habit).

You suck in on the end of the inhalator and air is pulled through the cartridge creating a nicotine vapour which is then absorbed through the mouth and throat into the bloodstream. The inhalator provides a low dose of nicotine over a long period (each cartridge lasts about 20 minutes and you can use between 6 and 12 cartridges each day) and helps to, very slowly, wean your body off both elements of the addiction (physical and psychological). Your chemist will be able advise you as to the length of treatment and the type of inhalator that would suit you best.

Nicotine gum

Nicotine patches

Nicotine inhalator


Alternative therapies

Herbal medicine

Other alternative therapies

Acupuncture and hypnosis are also available to help deal with smoking addiction and, if you are interested in these, you should contact a clinic near you.


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