Famous Dead Smokers

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Famous Dead Smokers               
Name Profession Famous for... Died of...
Louis Armstrong Musician Firefly 2Jazz music pioneer Heart attack 1971
Desi Arnaz Actor I Love Lucy Lung cancer 1986
Lucille Ball Actress I Love Lucy Aortic aneurism
"Count" Basie Musician Jazz music pioneer Pancreatic cancer 1984
Humphrey Bogart Actor Casablanca, African Queen, The Maltese Falcon Cancer of the oesophagus 1957
Yul Brynner Actor The King and I Lung cancer 1985
Nat "King" Cole Musician Unforgettable Lung cancer 1965
Noel Coward Writer Brief Encounter Heart attack 1973
Bette Davis Actress All About Eve Stroke 1989
Sammy Davis Jr. Entertainer The Brat Pack  Cancer of the throat 1990
Walt Disney Animator Mickey Mouse Lung cancer 1966
T.S. Elliot Writer Murder in the Cathedral Emphysema 1965
Duke Ellington Musician It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing Lung cancer 1974
Ian Fleming Writer James Bond  Heart attack 1964
Errol Flynn Actor Robin Hood Heart Attack 1959
Sigmund Freud Doctor of the mind... Oedipus complex Cancer of the jaw 1939
Clark Gable Actor The Misfits Heart Attack 1960
Betty Grable Actress How To Marry A Millionaire Lung Cancer 1973
Michael Landon Actor Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza Cancer of the pancreas and the liver 1991
Steve McQueen Actor The Great Escape Lung cancer
Robert Mitchum Actor Cape Fear, The Big Sleep Lung cancer 1997
Robert Shaw Actor Jaws, The Sting Heart attack 1978
Frank Sinatra Singer New York, New York! Heart attack (also had bladder cancer and a stroke) 1998
Spencer Tracy Actor Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Heart attack 1967
Lana Turner Actress The Postman Always Rings Twice Cancer of the throat 1995

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