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Quit & Tell

This is the ideal place to discuss anything related to quitting smoking e.g. your own stories, thoughts, philosophies.  You can also ask questions, get feedback and advice (and give it too!)

Weight, Diet & Exercise

Quitting smoking is hard enough without all the added hassle of gaining weight as well.  This discussion group is dedicated to discussion and support for everybody who is trying to quit smoking while keeping the extra pounds at bay!

Poets' & Jokers' Corner

Are you a budding poet?  Or a closet stand-up comedian?  Share your poems, jokes, quotes and any other interesting tidbits with the rest of us, here.

The Soap Box

Is there a pressing issue you want to discuss?  Then don't hold back...  Air your views NOW!  Here's your chance to discuss and debate them with other quitting smokers.


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