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QuitSmokingUK.com is the UK’s online community for people who are trying to quit smoking.

Here people who are trying to quit can get support, up-to-date advice and even have a bit of a laugh!

1.  What is the website's personality?

2.  What can quitsmokinguk.com do for me?

3.  About the person behind quitsmokinguk.com


1.  What is the website’s personality?

Not matron. Not government. Just a down to earth community of peers – this is a site that’s for quitting smokers by quitting smokers.

"If QuitSmokingUK.com were a person it would probably be a cross between Clare Raynor and Graham Norton. That’s expert advice, home truths and support whenever you need it but also quite a bit of fun!"


2.  What can quitsmokinguk.com do for me?

quitsmokinguk.com could be your most important weapon in the battle to quit smoking and stay quit.

  • Up-to-date information, from key sources all over the world, on how to quit smoking successfully.
  • Reasons to quit (Scary facts, Vanity facts, Penis facts, Female facts, Fertility facts, Pregnancy facts, Passive Smoking facts, What’s in a Cigarette and Famous Dead Smokers) that help to motivate.
  • Tailor-made Quitting Tools (including a Smoker’s Personality Quiz and a Nicotine Dependency Test) and step-by-step advice for successful quitting that helps to guide smokers through the confusing and often terrifying jungle of quitting.
  • Don’t Quit Alone: this is where the benefits of the interactive community really kick in, firstly with Discussion Groups (e.g. Quit and Tell) and Chat (The Quitters’ Café). Here people trying to quit smoking can ask questions, share stories, get feedback and advice (and give it too!). There are also other areas on the site where people can post poems and jokes (Poets’ & Jokers’ Corner), debate burning issues (The Soap Box) and post their quitting dates (The Winners’ Gallery – if "you’ve Quit and you’re Proud!").
  • Get involved: this is an interactive community so people are able to get involved by becoming chat hosts online or writing articles that are published on the site (e-mail getinvolved@quitsmokinguk.com)
  • Personal Ads: these provide people who are trying to quit, the opportunity to be Smokefree Together, and to meet new friends or, perhaps, even a new romantic interest…
  • Free e-mail: free e-mail addresses for the smokefree (or soon to be smokefree): @quitsmokinguk.com, @smokefreegirl.com, @smokefreeboy.com, @sexyandsmokefree.com, and @smokefreeandsingle.com
  • The Pleasure Zone: if all else fails and you’re going to crack at any moment, take your mind off the cravings with The Pleasure Zone where you’ll find arcade games, a Cursebot, three dotty Jersey cows and a lottery number generator.
  • New content daily: health, current affairs, sport and entertainment news.
  • Links: great weblinks to other sites and organisations that can help with the quitting effort.

Please e-mail us at feedback@quitsmokinguk.com with questions or comments about this web site.  We'd love to hear from you.
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Last modified: April 18, 2003