Quitting and Tobacco News - Recent Highlights

Scientists Find Way To Prevent Lung Cancer

Menstrual Cycle Affects Women Trying To Quit

Smoking Vaccine To Be Tested On Humans

Study Shows Cessation Aids Really Do Help Smokers Quit

Even More Evidence Of Hazards From Prenatal Tobacco Exposure

Nicotine Vaccine

Researchers in Sweden are working with drug companies to develop a vaccine against nicotine addiction.

Smokers Get Hooked on Nicorette Gum

Nicorette gum is designed to help smokers kick the habit, but for some people, it's leading to a whole new addiction, the Philadelphia Enquirer reported March 28. 

Smokers Have High Rate of Injuries

A new study shows that smokers tend to have a higher rate of injury related to exercise than non-smokers, the Associated Press reported March 23. 

Pregnant Women who Smoke Reduce Child’s Lung Capacity

A new study found that women who smoke during pregnancy could reduce the lung capacity of their baby, Reuters reported March 21. 

Study: Second-Hand Smoke Not as Dangerous as Reported

British researchers have determined that passive smoking may not increase the risk of lung cancer in non-smokers as much as originally thought.

Smoking Could Cause You To Suffer In the Bedroom
Smoking could cause you to have sex less often and to enjoy it less too according to a study at the Andrology Institute, University of Kentucky (US). 

Light Cigarettes: There's A Dark Side Too
People who smoke low tar cigarettes are getting over twice the amount of tar and nicotine as they think they are (from ads and cigarette packs) according to a study pulblished in the National (US) Cancer Institute Journal. 

Nicotine Is as Addictive as Heroin and Cocaine
Nicotine is every bit as addictive as A class drugs like heroin and cocaine according to recent report by the Royal College of Physicians (UK). 

Smoking Cigarettes Could Give You A Pot Belly
Smoking cigarettes can create an imbalance in women's hormone levels which can lead to changes in the body's shape (a pot belly and spindly legs!).